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Hi guys!
Tired of those ambitious feminists, who are trying to look and behave like men? Miss a soft and tender woman? Doubt you can find such a woman in this crazy world? Come to us and see how wonderful the Russian women are!
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How to get rid of loneliness?

How to get rid of loneliness?

Working, working, working…

My Work People have already forgotten how pleasant it is to relax and to have just a talk to a beautiful and cheerful woman. This hectic world kills not only the romantic relations, but even a chance for them. And the crisis doesn’t help in this problem I see!

How can you live and work if you are not happy? The lonely person can’t even work efficiently. Nobody is waiting for him atMy Work home, so he has no wish to finish work. Inert and non-purpose acting is what he is doing instead of resulting work. Say stop!!! It’s high time to change your life for better. How to do it? Just fall in love and you must definitely start it just now!

“But how can I find my love if I’m always working?” You can ask. Correct question, but it is out of date since Wife-from-Russia.com has appeared. It’s not a problem any more. The purpose of our work is written in this article title: “How to get rid of loneliness?” Your happiness and love is what we are thinking about. And we write here how we manage to solve this problem.

My FamilyHow to find them? As wise old people say: “if you work, find your future wife at your work”. And we can say even better, you should find your wife in a place where you are not an accidental guest but a frequent customer. For modern average civilized man this place is internet. Where you read all news? Where you seek entertainment? Where you speak to your friends? In the network, aren’t you? So look for your love here and you will be lucky at it. Internet is a great opportunity not to pay attention to boundaries, language and distance. Wherever is your true love, you can talk to her as if she is beside you. It is the world without limits and barriers God gave to Adam and Eve in Paradise, isn’t it? And modern technologies help us to return the right given by God and find your love, even if she is over the ocean.

The skeptic man can argue he was trying to find a woman for life, but the modern women are crazy of their feminism and it is almost impossible to pay court to them. Yes, you are right. It’s difficult to be a strong and polite REAL MAN with a woman that is turning into man. But we can convince you it is not a world tendency. There are some places in the world where women are still REAL WOMEN, where family values are main for girls, but not a career or ephemeral independency.

Where to find these places? We have already done it for you. The beautiful wives with traditional values are here!!!

Top rated women in bikini photos

Ksenya 24 y.o.
Anna 27 y.o.
Elina 26 y.o.
Oksana 28 y.o.
Nataly 31 y.o.
Yuliya 36 y.o.

Top rated women in bikini photos
You can use the:
Instant compatibility

Instant compatibility

You can see a set of five red, pink or grey hearts near most profiles of Russian women. For example, with one lady you have all 5 hearts red, and with other pink or grey hearts.

What does that mean? We introduced this score system to estimate your compatibility with girls. It’s useful because you can instantly see people whose tastes coincide to yours at a high degree and start building long-term relationship. Say, 5 red hearts show your Instant compatibility with this smart Russian lady. However, it does not mean that if you have 100% compatibility with one or another Russian woman you and you will fall in love with each other right away.

Online translator

Online translator

If you by now have checked some girls' profiles on Russian dating sites you certainly noticed that few of them can speak English while most speak only Russian?

Yes, in most cases it is true.

The solution is simple. We have a handy integrated online translator on our dating site so that each time you write a short message or a long letter on your native language it’s rapidly translated into Russian, and vice versa - the letters that come to you from your correspondent overseas are translated into your language. So you can easily understand what your girl tells you and she can understand you.

Remember: relationship
starts from good



I saw many Russian girls’ photos on your site and many of them seemed to me very interesting, I’d like to put my picture for ladies to see. Am I allowed to write some message to girls from photo rating that aroused my interest?

Yes, you can. BUT you need to register first so that to place a picture of you to our photo rating and view those ladies who give you the highest rate. Of course, you can also rate their pictures, and from all pictures in the photo rating you can go to read a full profile of the person. Then, you can also see who like you: when you put the highest rate in the photo rating, the notification about it will be forwarded to him.

Video-audio messages

Video-audio messages

You want to see your lady in a real life of course, don't you?

And of course you want to show this lady your REAL self?

For this purpose we have a service enabling you to send audio/video messages to your lady.


And if she has a web-cam, she can send an audio/ video message to you.

Soon we will have a
video-chat for
Gold members!

Women online now

Elena 37 y.o.
Kamilla 29 y.o.
Юля 28 y.o.
Ruzilya 31 y.o.
Evgenia 34 y.o.
Nadejda 26 y.o.

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Anti-scam program

Anti-scam program

You are afraid of scammers? No problem, on our site we have an effective anti-scam program; it helps us to disclose scammers and throw their profiles straight away. We also have our own scammer list where people can register scammers and we update it thoroughly and on a regular base. As soon as a girl has registered to our site, her profile is thoroughly checked by manager, you’d call that procedure “a quality control”.

Even though all scammers can change their names, put faked photos and register new email addresses, they can’t change some things. So we trace those nasty persons to protect you from them. For example, every week up to 50-80 scammers try to register to the site, but their attempts are immediately tracked and their profiles are rejected.


Register and find your lady

Register and find your lady

Let us give you some statistics of our site. Every week up to 80-110 new profiles of single Russian girls and Russian women are added to our online database.

Every week about 20-40 ladies delete themselves from our online database because they finally found their ideal match therefore don’t need to use our service anymore.

And the most pleasant thing for us: we receive dozens of happy letters from people who have found their partners through our dating site.

All you have to do is Register and, maybe, your only lady is already waiting for you here.

Almost every day we receive letters of thanks from our clients who have found their partners via our dating agency

Register and find
your lady on the site.

 Detailed compatibility report

Detailed compatibility report

What is a purpose of a detailed compatibility report? It goes without speaking that every single person in a world wants to have a partner for the whole life, to love, to be loved by him and to trust him absolutely, to live a full life together…. But what should we do to find this person with whom we will be sharing all happy and sad things in our life, with whom it will be just great to live together, to bring up children? What should we do to start the relationship that will sooner or later bring a pleasure for both of the partners? How not to make a mistake? The problem of all acquaintances made via online dating services is that we have too little information about a person that we correspond. Usually it happens this way: when man has a serious interest in a lady, he comes to her country to meet her and they have just several days to know each other better what is certainly insufficient. When he comes back he has to wait for another chance of meeting or invite her to his country, but it is again several days or even weeks to make a fiancée visa for her.

Things are made easier with our detailed compatibility report. It gives you a good opportunity to know a lot about your would-be partner before your meeting in a real life.

Top rated Russian women's photos

Olga 33 y.o.
Natalya 30 y.o.
Anna 25 y.o.
Victoria 18 y.o.
Aleksandra 18 y.o.
Yuliya 27 y.o.
Top rated Russian women's photos
The types of Russian women that can be met on dating sites and in life.
1st type
“The pure ingenuousness”

The pure ingenuousness

You can know this type of girls from their photos: in their profiles they usually have unprofessional photos of low quality. On such photos you can see their surroundings, their lifestyle, even their friends but you can hardly examine their faces closely. As a rule, girls of this kind look for intimate and sincere relationships. Apparently, they are very natural and sensual. They are easy and nice to talk to, and in their messages or long letters you can read something very funny as well as something very serious and personal.
As for the positive aspects of being a husband of such a girl, we would refer sincere affection to her beloved man. She will not become a wife whose point is to show her authority and control you. That’s why you will feel as a real man with such girl. Among the negative bearings we can call their high need to socialize. Usually they hardly give too many efforts to learn foreign languages thoroughly and when they found themselves in other country, contacts with people become for them problematic. Lack of communication can make them depressed and demanding a lot of attention for themselves.

2nd type
“Effect and pride”

Effect and pride

The images of these girls look like taken from the covers of the popular glossies. And not because they spend much money to have the best photographers and stylists for them, no, such girls and women show their position by putting into their profiles photos where they are near the luxurious car and in expensive clothes. In the questionnaires they enumerate only their assets without a word about their personality. Usually girls like that have reached some success in their life and they want as active and successful partner as they are themselves.
As for the positive aspects of becoming a husband of such girl we would refer undoubted advantages: their outward effect and a talent to represent themselves in a most favourable light. You can only be very proud to bring such a girl in any kind of a company. And if you want to have not only a good wife for yourself and a caring mother for your children but also a valuable partner in your business, this type of a girl is just for you. Among the negative bearings we can call their apparent careerism and high ambitions. Don’t expect that she will stay at home and become a perfect housewife. Such girl will rather pursue some activity sphere in which her success will let to show you her importance and influence. It may happen that she will change you for a more successful partner in case if your business becomes upset.

3rd type
“Constancy and trust”

Constancy and trust

It’s easy to perceive this type of girls - their photos often look like made for the official documents. They look serious and constrained even when pictures were taken by a professional photograph. They always fill in carefully and in details all the columns of the questionnaires, and write commonplace expressions in the "long answers". It’s clear that such girls want to find a person for stable and reliable relationships therefore their demands for a partner are often not very high. But since being very cautious in choosing their match they can be slow in starting close relationship.
As for the positive aspects of becoming a husband of such kind of girls we would refer their obvious assets: stability and prudence. In this girl you will find a devoted wife and a careful mother. Moreover, they tend to avoid quarrels and hardly leave you in case if your affairs go wrong. Among the negative bearings we can call their low ability to adaptation to new conditions and strong attachment to traditions even is they are outdated. Such girls are often bound to their parents and surroundings, work and habits. For them it may take long to make up their mind to move abroad.

4th type
“Fantasy and originality”

Fantasy and originality

On such girls’ pictures photos you can often see a background with beautiful landscapes, flowers or monuments. Besides, they like to shape their photos using computer graphic. They always try to draw somebody's attention to themselves and stick out of a mediocrity therefore their look is sometimes very extraordinary. What girls of this type want most of all is to be admired. When filling in the questionnaires they often skip most of the standard questions while in the part of "long answers" they write some funny or philosophical idea. They tend to answer any question in an uncommon way, even such traditional columns concerning their views to a family life and description of their “ideal match”.
As for the positive aspects of becoming a husband of such girl, we would refer an excellent ability to adapt to the new environment and, of course, a great flexibility of her mind. As we mentioned before, they aim to get an appreciation and that will make them think about how to surprise and to be surprised by their husband. Among the negative bearings we can call their continuous desire to be appreciated and need to draw all possible attention to themselves. Maybe, living with such kind of a girl will appear not too a piece of cake for you because they like to express their originality, and their possible flirting with other men may make you feel jealousy.

Something about our work

Most frequent questions of men

Most frequent questions of men

When we ask men what can prevent them from registering on our site, most of them answer something of the following. They don't like the idea of having to pay for sending messages to ladies who attracted their interest. They say, if it was a free dating-service then sure they would stay here and look for their love. The other say that they have paid for similar services before and had a bad experience with them, so they no longer want to try again and then waste time trying to get refunds back.

For the former complaint we can answer that you do not pay for communication! You pay for the whole service to make it work well. The point is that it is not seen how much work is being done to provide stable functioning of the site. We have several programmers whose work is to invent and realize more and more new functions for our site.

We have several huge servers that work in many countries to make the site fast to view and download for people from all parts of a world. The services of system administrators, managers, psychologists, consultants, translators, designers are also not free, you know.

We do a lot of work to make the site easy to find for Russian girls, because we want to provide a big choice for men looking for women. Then, checking all new girls’ profiles, all feedbacks and all complains requires a lot of work. We don’t want to be the site famous due to having more profiles of scammers than honest girls.

The same goes to getting rid of various scammers, that’s why a lot of work has to be done with men. For example, spammers from Nigeria and some other African counties pay from false credit cards and then begin their attempts to scam girls. For the latter complaint: obviously, you have had a bad experience on the site with Russian mail brides, i.e. the site that sells girls’ addresses. Yes, in this case it can be very disappointing.

It’s well known that scammers make the most grave problem for most sites that sell the emails. While on our site we have an anti-scam program working in the following way: if the first letter from the girl looks scammer-like, the same day we check her address and other things. If we discover that girl is really a scammer we immediately put her to our scammer list so that all men can see her there and do not communicate. You can check this list too. But when you buy the addresses you don’t know whether it is a scammer or not because they are hardly ever checked.

Some more facts.

About 5 percent of women whose profiles you can see on dating sites check their mail just once a month. So, on the services selling addresses of such “brides” it is impossible to know them from those girls who really want to find a partner and come to check their mail several times a day.

About 5 percent of women that register to the dating sites delete themselves in 5-10 days for different reasons, whether they did it on spur of a moment, or they quickly get disappointed in on-line dating services, or maybe they managed to found a matching person on the site and decided to keep communication with him only. Of course, they will never reply you if you are registered on the site that sells emails.

We learned from our own experience that about 6 percent of women on our site change their personal emails each month and after that they receive notification about a message in their inbox on the site to a new email address, but on the sites selling emails it’s impossible.

Now you can see that it is pretty hard to keep our database of girls always updated. So if you still believe that our business brings us enormous money from air, just take a try and you will know how it really works.

How to find a REAL love in Russia

How to find a REAL love in Russia

Step 1 Register to our site, select several your best pictures and put them to your profile.
Step 2 Be active – to show yourself as a reliable man as you certainly are we recommend you to write many letters. The best number is 40-50. It will sooner let you understand who you are comfortable with and vice versa, who is truly interested in you.
Step 3 Socialize with several Russian ladies that aroused your interest. Don’t be abashed if you won't know what to talk about with some of them, you will easily find many topics with others. Check if they understand and reply your questions, if you feel comfortable with them.
Step 4 Try not to make the communication by messages too long - most Russian girls do not like it. The reason is they are afraid that it will bring no result but if they are seriously interested they surely want a result as soon as possible. So don’t hesitate to ask her a telephone number and phone her.
Step 5 She has children? Great! You have another excellent topic to discuss. Tell her about your children, ask questions of her family life that are important for you, about children upbringing and so on.
Step 6 You feel that you truly like her after telephone calls and long letters, you wait for the her phone-call - do not waste precious time, buy a ticket and go to Russia, where you finally meet her in a flesh. For the first time it’s better to stay in the hotel but not in her place, and if you fall in love with each other, she will necessarily make you acquainted with her parents, children, friends (but not with single female friends).
Step 7 Your last step – you should arrange your next meeting as soon as possible or make arrangements to marry her!
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